I love blogs. I love the words, the photos, getting a glimpse into someone else’s world for a few minutes. They’re quick and no nonsense, reading a blog is like speed dating, there’s no commitment. You can drop by any time and catch up, then move on to the next. It won’t hold a grudge or slam the door in your face if you left it too long between visits. It’s always happy you came by.

When I was travelling I wrote a sporadic travel blog…it had a few visitors, friends and family were regulars, eager to see what I’d been up to. I felt confident writing it because I was doing something different to everyone I knew, people were excited and interested. Since coming home a year ago I have had the urge to write but didn’t feel that my life would draw any interest. However, I’ve now decided I don’t really care. I’m going to start writing a blog because I enjoy doing it.

I’ll put on recipes, review restaurants, talk about films, tell you about my holiday, post pictures of my bearded boyfriend, moan about the weather, enthuse about Game Of Thrones, rant about world events, insist you read the book I just finished, share my joys and my downfalls and if there’s any time left after all that, I’m probably going to talk about my dog…if any of that takes your fancy then stick around! If not, feel free to jog on.

I’m visiting my fifth continent next week and exploring Marrakech for a bit so at least this should all kick off to a fairly exciting start! Drop by soon! Peace xxx



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