Tasha’s Birthday.

Last week I visited Ox & Bone in Huddersfield for my friend Tasha’s birthday. Despite the major hype, I wasn’t overly blown away. That said, it’s not an awful spot. The cocktails were quite delightful, but the bill at the end was a bit of a shock for what we’d had. If you’re looking for a decent burger and BBQ joint with a bit of a hip vibe then give it a go, if you’re looking for fine dining with excellent service, maybe give it a miss. None of this matters when you’ve got great pals though does it?!

DSC01700 DSC01714 DSC01728

I had the halloumi jalapeño poppers to start…in theory they were great, I love halloumi, I love jalapeños, but in reality it just didn’t quite come together for me. I like the ingenuity, they definitely get points for that, and don’t get me wrong, they weren’t awful, but I think I’ll just stick to a good old traditional popper with gooey cheese.


I’m desperately trying to lose a bit of weight before my wedding now, so I’m off bread (among many other things…obviously not alcohol!) So, while everyone else had burgers and hot dogs I opted for something off the grill and was immediately drawn to the Mojito marinated chicken. I don’t know if you remember my Mojo Marinated Cuban Pork blog? Well, I served that up with Chimichurri sauce, something that was promised to arrive with this chicken, and that was the thing that swayed it for me. I ordered and waited excitedly for the delicious green goodness that is chimichurri sauce…the plate arrived…where was the sauce? WHERE WAS THE SAUCE? Oh wait…surely not…that can’t be it?! There was a dribble of green down the side of my plate. I stuck my finger in it tentatively and had a taste, that was it, it was watery and weak but that was it. I was so disappointed. To be fair, it’s probably not best to order a dish based on the sauce it arrives with, but I did, and I was let down. The rest of the dish was fine, nothing special, but I left with a full belly at least.

DSC01737 DSC01738

For everyone else, it was burgers all round and appreciative sounds of enjoyment emanated from around the table, so I’m assuming they were good. The crowning glory on a plate was definitely Emily’s Pig Dog though, it was a visual feast…and a literal feast too as she wasn’t able to eat it all!

DSC01729 DSC01732 DSC01740

When our belly’s were full and our purses much lighter we headed into town for some birthday drinks. Our go to drinking spot has always been Zephyr. For those of you who fondly remember the original Zephyr, that little haven of great music, quality beers and ciders, bloody awesome artwork and the best punters, I’m sure you all feel the same pain we do in its absence. Luckily the new Zephyr is quickly picking up the slack, sure we’ll always miss the old spot, but the wound is slowly healing.

DSC01742 DSC01752

The new Zephyr has book shelves on every wall full of some of the most interesting and weird books I’ve ever seen…but you can’t beat a good read with your cocktail! The boys found a book about star signs and relationships, apparently I am a resilient goat. Jake is so lucky to have me.

DSC01765 DSC01767 DSC01781 DSC01749

Hope you enjoyed you birthday Tash! I did 🙂


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