Breakfast Smoothies

I hate breakfast. I know it’s the most important meal of the day blah blah blah, but I just hate it. Especially at the moment when I’m trying to eat at least somewhat Paleo (says the girl who is making pizza for tea) it’s so difficult to find something tasty to eat that isn’t bread based…or egg based, I hate eggs. So, knowing that I need to make an effort and have SOMETHING to eat in the morning, I’ve been having breakfast smoothies. And no, that doesn’t mean you liquidise your toast and bacon in the morning. The idea is that you stuff it full of tasty goodness and ingredients that keep you full till lunch.

I have a Nutribullet, they’re a little bit on the pricey side, but oh man they’re so good! It’s just so, so easy to plop all the ingredients in it and whiz it up, you get a really smooth smoothie AND it’s super easy and quick to clean. you can even just pop a lid on it and use it as a cup – perfect if you’re taking it to work.

My current smoothie of choice is a Banana/Strawberry concoction. I haven’t taken any photos, but here’s a quick description of what I have –

2 Bananas

A handful of strawberries

A handful of blueberries

A tablespoon of coconut oil (good fats keep you full for hours, peanut butter is also great for this)

3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt

A pinch of cinnamon

An optional glug of milk depending on how thick you want it

There are no fancy instructions for this, just whiz it all up, stick a straw in it and you’re good to go!

OK, because I was super lame and didn’t take any photos I’m going to add links here to my five favourite smoothie recipes and then you can have a smoothie eye feast! Enjoy!

1. The Dreaded Green Smoothie.

When I first heard the phrase ‘Green Smoothie’ I definitely turned my nose up at it. It sounds disgusting right? But these are actually delicious, and you can’t deny the goodness of green!


2. Flat Belly Smoothie

This flat belly smoothie from Pop Sugar is really, really tasty. It also uses the whole ‘good fats’ thing to keep you fuller for longer with the addition of Almond butter.


3. Breakfast Energy Smoothie.

This smoothie has a frozen berry base, which is great because it means it is super cold and refreshing. We’re finally starting to see glimpses of summer with the weather improving, so as the sun comes out tomorrow morning you can have this cooling smoothie to kick start your day!


4.Sunrise Smoothie

Just because it is SO delicious.


5. Raspberry Cream Smoothie

Go on, treat yourself to a breakfast that tastes like a dessert!


OK, so there you have it! Breakfasts no longer need to be stressful and unhealthy. Give your day the start it deserves 🙂


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Smoothies

  1. i love smoothies. and yes, in the morning, i too have a habit of not eating breakfast. it’s just too early for something so heavy. lol. but this is what i tend to make from time to time… simple smoothies.
    The pictures are beautiful! so amazing!

    please drop by my page to check out the posts I have at


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