Roots and Fruits, Leeds.

Just a quick post about the lovely Roots and Fruits in Leeds. I’m starting a new job on Monday after a few months of unemployment, and having never worked in an office before, I desperately needed some ‘work’ clothes. So I went to Leeds with my wonderful Mum 🙂

As we are both eating paleo at the moment we decided to make the walk up to the Grand Arcade and have lunch at Roots and Fruits. It’s a bit out of the way if you’re down at the Trinity Centre, but well worth it if you want healthy, tasty and excellently priced food!

20150619_140250 (1)


Decisions, decisions…


Mum had the falafel, which looked absolutely delicious! I wanted it too, but it had beans in it, and I’m allergic…damn shame. She said it was really scrummy.


I had a gluten free sandwich with harissa houmous, artichokes and rocket. It was so nice, and I was really impressed with the bread – it’s so unusual to find GF bread that has the texture and taste of normal bread – something that I miss so much.

(Yes, I ate half of it before I remembered to take a photo.)


My smoothie was lovely too, you can choose what you want off a big list of ingredients. I went for banana and berries, but wish I had spent a little longer to read the whole list and see the cinnamon, ginger and honey at the bottom! There’s always next time…

IMG-20150620-WA0003 IMG-20150620-WA0009


Where’s your favourite healthy eating spot?!


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