The Wonderful Northern Territory.

I started a new job on Monday and my brain is so stuffed full of new information I physically haven’t been able to write a blog since Sunday. But today is the day! I’m making an extra effort and finally getting something down on paper…well, screen. It’s quite a small effort though, to be fair, because this is a bit of a throw back post.

For the last 4 (ish) months of 2013, Jake and I lived in Australia’s northern most state, the Northern Territory. It was an awesome, and incredibly memorable time, made up of many, many beers, some of the best people we’ve ever met, and bucketfuls of sweat. Our time was split between Leanyer *massive love to Kristy Lee and Tom*, a short stint in Katherine (the land God forgot) and two and a half months in the mighty Mataranka.

Mataranka is a tiny town (by English standards we definitely wouldn’t call it a town, probably just a village) an hour away from the nearest town, in the middle of The Never Never. There is no hospital, if you have a medical emergency you have to travel the 100km to the small hospital in Katherine, and the police only work part time. It’s not a big deal though, to live in Mataranka you have to be fairly hardy because you’re literally living in the outback, it takes a certain breed to live out there.

Since I have come home and shared these stories, people have asked how we managed out there!? But, honestly, it was no big deal. Sure, working in a kitchen with no aircon, in 40° heat 7 days a week is a huge shock in the beginning, but before we knew it we were just another two of the many sweaty, dusty faces coming and going. We made some friends for life *shout out to Peta, Ry and Jang* and we look back on those days as some of the best we’ve ever had. So, without waffling on for too long, I just though I’d share some photos of our time in the NT. If you want to hear some specific stories…like the guy with the fish hook through his thumb, the tadpole accident, the joey in the bag, the pig attack, or the monopoly room, just leave a comment and maybe I’ll get them written down some time soon… until then, I hope you enjoy this visual feast of a time and place my heart often longs for.

IMGP7137 IMGP7172 IMGP7121  IMGP7256  IMGP7063

Just a few of the local swimming spots…thankfully croc free, might see a turtle or two though!

IMGP6884 IMGP7698 IMGP7708  IMGP7741 IMGP7785 IMGP7797

The Roper River…not so croc free…


The NT doesn’t have four seasons like we do, it just has a wet season and a dry season (it never gets cold). We were there during the build up to the wet and every night there were huge thunder storms that we spent hours photographing. Also, you have never felt rain until you’ve felt NT rain.

IMGP7866 IMGP7190 IMGP7055

There is an Aboriginal community in Mataranka and one day while we were having a walk in the park this guy sang us some Bob Marley, he said he was going to go on The X Factor. The next day we saw him having a drunken fist fight with one of his friends…

IMGP7391 IMGP7387 IMGP7416


Some bits and bobs from everyday life.

10929134_10152510904792757_4791336893389035217_nIMGP6883 IMGP7384 IMGP7395 IMGP7495

The gang at Christmas…look how sweaty and dusty we are!

IMGP7754 IMGP7771

Jake didn’t remember this photo the next day, but when he saw it he was terrified and shocked. He never would have touched this massive Cicada while sober.


Jakes birthday photo…yes, I made him take his top off.IMGP7592

A trip to Litchfield national park.


No, no guys, it’s not a photo from a Herbal Essences ad, it’s just me being a complete water goddess.

1379531_10153010155837884_5512143934732041320_n 10922858_10153010156202884_4100684408864482024_n

The best friends I left behind. It sucks when some of your favourite people are on the other side of the world…



And that’s it! Phew, I feel shattered. Hopefully will get a new post up at the weekend, until then, ciao!


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