Hello Borneo.

Eeek! I can’t believe I’ve been so useless and haven’t written a blog all week. Since starting my new job, my life has become a rigid routine of eat, catch bus, exercise brain to painful extent, catch bus, eat, stare at TV in comatose state for an hour, sleep. It’s not that I’m not used to the working world, I’m no stranger to long hours and aching feet, but I’ve never had a job with so much intensive learning involved before. It’s kind of floored me. And yet at the same time, it’s really rather excellent. I’ve met some seriously great people and this learning gig isn’t all that bad you know? Feeling the accomplishment of shoving one more thing into your brain and finding that it can, despite all odds, remain there is really quite satisfying. I can speak knowledgeably today about things I hadn’t even heard of two weeks ago….who knew I had it in me to sit at a desk? I surely didn’t. Speaking of my love for roaming the Earth and constantly fighting the urge to stay still, here is a little bit about the three awesome weeks I spent in Borneo last year.

Sadly, Borneo was the final chapter of mine and Jakes first travelling adventure. After 18 months we finally had to admit defeat and surrender to our empty bank account. We flew home on a shoe string – back tracking to Kuala Lumpur, hopping over to Manilla where we spent a very long and uncomfortable night in the stop over lounge, on a broken single bed (shared with some very hospitable cockroaches) behind a curtain, a 16 hour flight to London, a free bus into the city, an hour and a half walk to Kings Cross (in February, in our shorts and t shirts), a 6 hour mega bus to our home town, a taxi to our houses (which Jake’s Mum had to pay for at the other end) and at last, after a 50 hour journey, a very tearful surprise reunion on the doorstep of my childhood home.

But that’s not the point. this is about the three weeks proceeding the long journey home. Borneo was one of the top places to visit on our list, Sabah specifically, because our friend James has two properties there. So, long story short, he met us out there and we spent the time staying between his two apartments (one at the beach and one in the city).

There were some serious beach antics…including this ridiculous fight.

10245349_10152366578997884_6628293787150642086_n 1962750_10152366579547884_2808886073939628810_n 10152401_10152366580102884_8705583294173781708_n 10924695_10152510899362757_7937768257636096435_n 10953967_10152510899632757_9175433263299616915_n 10959763_10152510889852757_2096299492720022443_n 1723939_10152510891382757_3283471537900654732_n 10308343_10152366578152884_2075176607502775640_n

James and I were punished with some pretty severe burns for having too much fun.


The wonderful Lok Kawi Wildlife Park…I got to stroke a pygmy Elephant!!!

10245522_10152366593427884_4982449804237516257_n 10301056_10152366582182884_4961923679505401764_n 1012575_10152366594197884_4230322235260607081_n 1525445_10152366593807884_6719556297390969360_n

This is Mt. Kinabalu national park. Yes it is the same place where those backpackers recently got arrested for getting naked. Somehow we managed to keep our clothes on.

1422592_10152190402048773_9087095215251332053_n 10151815_10152190400653773_8956278814722421916_n 10303179_10152366592987884_7439673309232468028_n 10304349_10152366592282884_3988596137249651955_n10262059_10152190311243773_2564300666985157587_n

The boys were desperate to play football and we lucked out when we stumbled upon Leecas utd’s pitch. We got some very strange looks from the locals here.

988864_10152366584202884_782970713372777896_n 1558579_10152366590042884_3734503485396095845_n 10152592_10152366581442884_5372470665125459952_n 10277924_10152366582377884_7008104722104973038_n

And here are a few random ones. Including one of my favourite photos of all time – LOOK AT THOSE MOUSTACHES!

1506406_10152366590602884_1659247563817310963_n 10152450_10152190443283773_493896305918222779_n 1969388_10152190437888773_7319533678942122731_n 10153952_10152190251413773_6523442531525245801_n 10168018_10152190405078773_5900798222071597868_n 10245456_10152190447323773_6890246686128260657_n 10957885_10152510898372757_982146185617144920_n10427306_10152510900017757_6068238813420012128_n

I promise to do a blog about something recent asap. Hope you enjoyed, ciao!


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