Brunch. Mina A’Salam.

I am currently suffering from post-brunch sadness. Yesterday I went to Mina A’Salam brunch with my favourite Dubaians, for my friend Lydia’s Birthday. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks and now that it’s all over, I’ve got that sinking feeling, like bed time on Christmas day. Yes, yes I know, this quite sad, I’m really displaying my childish romanticism for good times. I’m not apologetic for it though, there is no way I would rather spend a Friday afternoon than with great people, stuffing our faces and abusing our livers.

There is more to say about this brunch than I can possibly be bothered to say today, so I’ll let the photo’s do the talking.


The brunch is set between two restaurants which are joined together by a terrace lined with cooking and cocktail stations. We were sat in Hanaaya restaurant which has a huge buffet of world foods, and at the other end of the terrace is Tortuga, a Mexican restaurant.


The outdoor cooking stations are my favourite. Hot, fresh, smokey food with flavours from all over the world served by smiley, friendly faces.

I am so useless at brunch. I had this one plate to start and then never went back for more…well, never went back for more food, cocktails are another story.


My friends did much better at getting stuck into the food…


OK, OK, lets look at drinks now *swoon*…

Probably the best and most important thing about this brunch is the Turtle Rehabilitation Sanctuary there. This does help to ease the guilt somewhat from spending an insane amount of money and then gorging yourself for four hours.


I didn’t commit to the deserts because by this point I had a stomach filled to the brim with mojitos and whiskey coffee shots, but I did indulge in several caramel chocolate lollypops and they were bloomin’ delicious.

And here’s a bit of everything else – laughter, hugs, finger licking, drink swigging, selfie taking and happy birthday singing. Enjoy x



2 thoughts on “Brunch. Mina A’Salam.

  1. I’m crying of sadness 😭 I saw the food and I was nearly drooling and then I saw the turtles and I went of the phone I’m going to force mum to go there with me,if not I’m going to torture her😇


    • Millie!! I wish you could come too! I really wanted to swim with the turtles, the water they’re in has tropical fish too and it’s so clear and inviting. ..but no swimming allowed 😢
      Love you xxx


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