Bring it on 2017.

We’re 3 months into 2017 now and I think it’s high time I popped my head back into the world of blogging.

It’s a shame really, blogging for me has always been a great outlet, a place to stick some words, some thoughts, some stories and send them off into cyber space to fill someone else’s head for a time. It’s a very gratuitous way to share a bit of yourself.

I didn’t intentionally stop, it’s just that 2016 kinda kicked my ass. It punched me in the gut a good couple of times and left me winded on the pavement. It’s a huge relief to me that I can talk about this now and remain relatively comfortable, if i’d attempted this 6 months ago I probably would have been a shaking mess in the corner trying to get the words out.

Mental health is sadly still quite a big taboo in western culture, and I think especially here, in this corner of the world, in this business driven, target fueled, ‘money never sleeps’ mentality that I live in, an admittance of mental and emotional struggle wouldn’t have been received all that kindly.

I won’t elaborate on all the ins and outs of my difficulties in the last year as that’s not the point. Losing people dear to you and then having to watch the heartbreak of you family members from the across the world, without being able to be there is incredibly difficult… but it didn’t break us completely, I’m still here and they’re still there.

Christmas was the start of my healing process. I got to go home and see their faces, I got to see them laugh and I was finally able to share in their tears too. Nothing bolsters you and makes you ready for the next long slog more than being surrounded by people who truly love you. This post is definitely not about looking backwards and regretting anything, or feeling guilty or anxious or heartbroken. It’s about feeling all that, accepting it, letting it go and getting on with it.

2017 is going to be my year! I am under absolutely no illusions about how incredibly lucky I am for this amazing life that I lead and 2017 is about focusing on that and making the most of every moment.

Jake and I are finally having our Japan honeymoon in 2 weeks (only 18 months late), so expect lots of pictures of Ryokans, snow capped mountains, shrines, noodles and Pokemon characters in the coming month. I’m going to try (please, please don’t hold me to this) and blog once a week, but that does kinda rely on me actually do interesting things and not just spending every weekend slobbed on a beanbag on the balcony with my nose stuck in a book…

Anyway, for now, despite everything I have just said, 2016 was in no way a wasted year, and here are some pictures to prove it, and to remind me that even in the shittiest of times, flowers will still grow from the rubble.



Stay excellent everyone, be kind to one another in 2017, we need it now more than ever.


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