Chorizo Chicken, Dukkah Sweet Potatoes, Buttered Spring Greens and Chimicurri Sauce.

It’s another recipe folks! I know I’ve been posting a lot of recipes recently, but you seem to be enjoying them so I’m just going with the flow.

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Roots and Fruits, Leeds.

Just a quick post about the lovely Roots and Fruits in Leeds. I’m starting a new job on Monday after a few months of unemployment, and having never worked in an office before, I desperately needed some ‘work’ clothes. So I went to Leeds with my wonderful Mum 🙂Read More »

Coffee Cream Bars.

Oh. My. God. I just discovered these slices of heaven yesterday and made them immediately. It was the best decision I have made all week. If you do nothing else this weekend, make these amazing coffee cream bars. This is literally one of the nicest desserts I have ever tasted, and get this – It’s gluten free and vegan!! If you have read any of my recipe posts recently, you will know that I am attempting a paleo diet, but the cravings were really kicking in yesterday so I began trawling Pinterest for something to fill the hole. And boy did they!!!

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Slow Cooker Chilli

My signature chilli has received so many ‘Ooohs’, ‘Aahs’, ‘Mmms’ and ‘Oh my gods’ that it really should have some awards to its name by now…if I do say so myself. This is a recipe I have guarded closely for years, I secretly wonder if it’s the main reason Jake is marrying me. When it’s cooking it fills the house with the most amazing smell, by the time it actually touches down on the table everyone is drooling with anticipation.Read More »

Breakfast Smoothies

I hate breakfast. I know it’s the most important meal of the day blah blah blah, but I just hate it. Especially at the moment when I’m trying to eat at least somewhat Paleo (says the girl who is making pizza for tea) it’s so difficult to find something tasty to eat that isn’t bread based…or egg based, I hate eggs. So, knowing that I need to make an effort and have SOMETHING to eat in the morning, I’ve been having breakfast smoothies. And no, that doesn’t mean you liquidise your toast and bacon in the morning. The idea is that you stuff it full of tasty goodness and ingredients that keep you full till lunch.Read More »

Tasha’s Birthday.

Last week I visited Ox & Bone in Huddersfield for my friend Tasha’s birthday. Despite the major hype, I wasn’t overly blown away. That said, it’s not an awful spot. The cocktails were quite delightful, but the bill at the end was a bit of a shock for what we’d had. If you’re looking for a decent burger and BBQ joint with a bit of a hip vibe then give it a go, if you’re looking for fine dining with excellent service, maybe give it a miss. None of this matters when you’ve got great pals though does it?!Read More »