The Wedding Of My Dreams.

On the 12th September I married the man of my dreams. It was, as clichéd and cheesy as this may sound, the best day of my life…not his though, that was when he scored 12 goals in one match when he was 7, as he so honestly stated in his speech. It wasn’t the best day just because of him though (although I guess he played a rather big role) it was the overwhelming support and love from our friends and family that made it so amazing. Read More »

Yorkshire Yurts Wedding Fair and Lunch in Ripon

We took a delightful drive to Ripon today…or not so delightful it turns out thanks to the never ending 50mph limits on the M1.

Nevertheless we were in for a treat when we arrived at Yorkshire Yurts’ wedding fair. As you know we’re doing the DIY wedding thing, and as we’re both at our most comfortable with our toes in the grass, we’re going for an outdoor wedding. Yes, I know, I can hear your gasps and exasperated sighs from here. Read More »

Country Baskets

My days at the moment are quite strange. I have recently quit my job. It is very unlike me to throw in the towel with nowhere else to go, but there are only so many times you can handle the dirty underwear of someone you don’t know. The phrase ‘stranger danger’ takes on a whole new meaning when you work in a Laundry.Read More »