Hello Borneo.

Eeek! I can’t believe I’ve been so useless and haven’t written a blog all week. Since starting my new job, my life has become a rigid routine of eat, catch bus, exercise brain to painful extent, catch bus, eat, stare at TV in comatose state for an hour, sleep. It’s not that I’m not used to the working world, I’m no stranger to long hours and aching feet, but I’ve never had a job with so much intensive learning involved before. It’s kind of floored me. And yet at the same time, it’s really rather excellent. I’ve met some seriously great people and this learning gig isn’t all that bad you know? Feeling the accomplishment of shoving one more thing into your brain and finding that it can, despite all odds, remain there is really quite satisfying. I can speak knowledgeably today about things I hadn’t even heard of two weeks ago….who knew I had it in me to sit at a desk? I surely didn’t.┬áSpeaking of my love for roaming the Earth and constantly fighting the urge to stay still, here is a little bit about the three awesome weeks I spent in Borneo last year.Read More »


The Wonderful Northern Territory.

I started a new job on Monday and my brain is so stuffed full of new information I physically haven’t been able to write a blog since Sunday. But today is the day! I’m making an extra effort and finally getting something down on paper…well, screen. It’s quite a small effort though, to be fair, because this is a bit of a throw back post.

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Coffee Cream Bars.

Oh. My. God. I just discovered these slices of heaven yesterday and made them immediately. It was the best decision I have made all week. If you do nothing else this weekend, make these amazing coffee cream bars. This is literally one of the nicest desserts I have ever tasted, and get this – It’s gluten free and vegan!! If you have read any of my recipe posts recently, you will know that I am attempting a paleo diet, but the cravings were really kicking in yesterday so I began trawling Pinterest for something to fill the hole. And boy did they!!!

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Vang Vieng, Laos, January 2014.

I recently had a disagreement with a stranger on facebook. This isn’t something I make a habit of, I’m definitely not one of those girls who airs her problems or fall outs on social media…in fact, I don’t really have fall outs. Anyway, I follow a group that anonymously shares backpackers confessions. When I first started following a year or so ago, the confessions were funny and I could relate to a lot of them – stories about toilets with no flushes, showering in plain sight of a road, bad smells on sleeper┬ábuses etc. etc. But recently the stories have only been documenting the very, very seedy side of travelling. Read More »


Jake and I recently spent a really lovely day walking near Malham. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Malham before, it’s a beautiful little village in North Yorkshire. It’s famous for the limestone pavement and Malham cove. We took a picnic and enjoyed a┬áday of walking before spending the night in Harrogate. The weather started off pretty damn miserable, but as the day went on it got warmer and warmer until we arrived back in Malham to wonderful blue skies. I took a bucket load of photos so I thought I’d share some of them with you lovely folk.┬áRead More »